Remember to Vote Yes for our Kids!

By voting YES on the Kent School District 2020 Renewal EP&O Levy we will provide the quality education our community expects for our children, which goes beyond the minimum funded by the state.

Ballots for the King County February 2020 Special Election are due Tuesday, February 11 and we the Citizens for Kent Schools are asking you to Vote Yes!

We are asking you to join us in supporting the renewal of the Kent School District Educational Programs and Operations Levy on the February 11 ballot.

It is not a new tax and voting yes continues to keep the combined tax rates stable for its two-year duration.

Passing Levies Creates Strong Schools = Thriving Communities
It doesn’t matter whether you send your children to public school or not – or whether you have children at all. When the community’s schools thrive, so does the community itself. New families move in, which helps local businesses to profit while supporting the tax base and home values. By passing levies, our community sends the message this is a good place for families to live and a stable place to make an investment in a home.

Get The Facts, Then Vote Yes:

  • The Kent School District posted its largest June fund balance since 2014. You may ask why does this matter? It matters because the fund balance is a big indicator of financial responsibility and stability. Because of this financial stability, the district’s credit rating from Moody Investor Services moved to A1 Positive. As the district’s credit ratings climbs, so do property values, both are signs of fiscal health in Kent School District.
  • The current levy funds are a big part of the district’s financial health, this is a renewal levy. By renewing this levy, we will continue to see financial health and success, which directly benefits all students.
  • Local funding makes up 11% of the district’s current revenue. If the EP&O Levy does not pass it will mean significant reductions in staff, programs, and services for students.
  • Having good schools and facilities has a positive effect on our neighborhoods. Better schools help build a stronger community, which will improve our quality of life, keep crime down, and help increase the value of our homes.

Support our schools and community while maintaining a stable tax rate by voting yes for Kent School District renewal levy. This funding will ensure all students in KSD have the same opportunities to learn, grow and succeed.

Have questions about the tax rate or what the levy pays for? Visit

Vote YES on February 11, 2020, for our children, schools, and community!

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