The 2022 Kent School District Renewal Levy is endorsed by:

  • Dana Ralph, Mayor of Kent
  • Jeff Wagner, Mayor of Covington
  • Jennifer Harjehausen, Covington City Council
  • Brenda Fincher, Kent City Council
  • Satwinder Kaur, Kent City Council
  • Marli Larimer, Kent City Council
  • Zandria Michaud, Kent City Council
  • Les Thomas, Kent City Council
  • Dennis Higgins, Former Kent City Council Member
  • Tina Orwall, WA State Representative
  • Pat Sullivan, WA State Representative
  • Mona Das, WA State Senator
  • Karen Keiser, WA State Senator
  • Kent Schools Foundation Board
  • Kent School District Board of Directors

Do you support KSD Students?

We want to know that you support the levy renewal and will be joining us by voting YES in February! Send your name, role, organization’s endorsement, or contact us for more information today!

Show your support for all KSD students by Voting YES for Proposition 1 the Renewal of the expiring Educational Programs and Operating Levy in February 2022!

Vote YES on February 8, 2022 for all KSD Students!