About Us

Citizens for Kent Schools is a committee of concerned citizens and parents from Kent, Covington, Fairwood, Auburn, and Renton who support our local school funding measures by promoting the Kent School District bonds and levies.

We know that strong schools mean strong communities.

The political committee, Citizens For Kent Schools, is a citizens committee committed to passing levies and bonds in the Kent School District. It is run by volunteer citizens.

We are actively preparing for the upcoming Special Election on February 8, 2022, where Kent School District will be asking voters to approve a renewal of a two-year Educational and Operations Levy.

Help us renew funding for educational programs on February 8, 2022, so all KSD students have equitable opportunities to succeed in school.  You can help by Voting YES for Proposition 1 – Replacement of Expiring Educational Programs and Operating Levy, endorsing the Levy, and/or donating to the campaign!

Contact Us

Want to support the campaign further? Contact the Citizens for Kent Schools Committee at voteyes@citizensforkentschools.org