2022 Renewal Levy

This is not a new tax!

The Kent School District Renewal Educational Program & Operational Levy on the February 8, 2022 ballot supports teachers, nurses, safety staff, student learning, and programs across the district. Since 1984 Kent School District has operated with local levy support for education programs and operations.

When we pass school bonds and levies, we’re telling our school employees – principal and teachers, custodians and bus drivers, paraeducators and central office and education support staff – we care. Because schools are not fully funded by the state, and our yes votes make up the difference.

How well do you do in your job when you feel supported and cared for? Our children will reap the benefit of a better education when we send a message that we care. Investing in our schools is an investment in our children and in our future.

Renewing this levy is crucial for the academic and mental health of all KSD students and staff. A failure to renew the levy would mean significant reductions in staff, programs, and services for students. The levy makes up approximately 11 percent of the district’s current revenue.

The proposed collection is $76,250,000 in 2023 and 2024. This is the same amount authorized by voters for 2022, with a is projected tax rate at $1.88 cents per thousand of assessed value for the calendar year 2023.


If you have additional questions, more information is available on the Kent School District website.

Or you can contact the Citizens for Kent Schools Committee at voteyes@citizensforkentschools.org