Join us for HONK and WAVE!

Come by to support Kent School District Staff!!  No RSVP is needed to join in the fun.

Thank you for showing your support!

School Waving location Waving time on Jan. 22- Feb. 13
Carriage Crest 140th and Petrovitsky 3:10PM
Cedar Valley  168th PL SE and SE 272nd St.  1/25, 1/31, 2/5 @4:30PM 
CH 174th and SE 272nd 7:30AM and 3:30PM
Covington 272nd and Wax Rd 12th- 4:15PM
Crestwood 256th and 164th 1/30 and 2/8 before school
Daniel 104th and 248th                            116th and 248th 7:30AM and 3:30PM
East Hill 240th Overpass before and after school
Emerald Park 116th and 216th 8:15AM and 3:50PM
Fairwood 140th and Petrovitsky 4:00PM
Glenridge 108th and 208th 23/24th- 7:45AM + 4:00PM                and 25th 7:45AM
Grasslake 272nd and Wax Rd 8AM and 4:30PM
Horizon 132nd and Kent-Kangley after school 4:05PM
Jenkins Creek Wax Rd and Kent-Kangley 23-25th -3:35PM
Kent 64th and Meeker 7:45AM
KL 216th and Kent-Kangley 23/25/30/1/6/8/13- 3:30PM
KM 256th and 108th 7:10AM 
KMVA Central and James St 24th and 12th at 3PM
KPA 111th and Kent-Kangley 23/30- 3:50PM
KR 132nd and 208th 2:30PMish
KW 256th and 164th 7:10AM or 3PM
Lake Youngs 140th and Petrovitsky 6th at 4:20PM
MA 164th and 256th 7:45AM and 3:30PM
Martin Sortun 132nd and 240th  8:10AM and 4:25PM
MC Central and James  St        Central and Pioneer M-W-F before and after school
Meadow Ridge 108th across from MR 8AM and 3:10PM
Meridian 256th and 140th 1/22- 3:45 and 2/9- 8:45AM
Millennium Kent-Kangley and 132nd 22/23rd and 12/13 AM and PM
MK 204th and 192nd                           192nd and 132nd 7:15AM
MM 240th and 120th 31/1- 7:30AM and 3:30PM
Neely-O’Brien 236th 2/1- 4PM
NW Petrovitsky and 140th 22/26/29 – 7:00AM  25/2 – 4:00 p.m.  
Panther Lake 216th and 108th 8AM and 4:00PM
Park Orchard 232nd and 110/112th 8:40AM and 3:50PM
Pine Tree 132nd and Kent-Kangley 25-26- 8:15AM and 30-1-4:15PM
Ridgewood Petrovitsky and Parkside Way 8:10AM and 4:05PM
Sawyer Woods 272nd and Covington Way SE 24/25- 3:30PM and 7/8- 3:30PM
Scenic  Hill E Titus and E Smith 7:45AM and 3:45PM
Soos Creek 132nd and 221st 8:00AM and 4:15PM
Springbrook 100th Ave and 200th 8:35AM and 3:40 PM
Sunrise 132nd and 221st 7:45AM and 3:45PM

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