Gaps in Funding

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Why do we need levies?

The state education funding plan is a step in the right direction, but the state is not yet fully funding all education costs. We still need a local levy. The Kent School District receives about 68 percent of its funding from the state and a little more than 11 percent from federal and other sources. We rely on on local levies approved by taxpayers to provide the remaining funds, approximately 20 percent of the District’s overall budget.

  • We receive zero dollars from the state for athletic programs.
  • We receive state funding for 4.5 FTE (full time employment) school nurses. We fund a total of 22.4 school nurses to meet individual student health needs and those who require special care.
  • We receive state funding for 5 FTE safety officers. We employ 14.23 to meet the safety and security needs of our students and staff at our 42 school sites.
  • We receive 57.9 FTE for school counselors, social workers and school psychologists. We employ 28 school psychologists, 31 secondary and 13 elementary counselors along with 5 social workers. Nearly 20 more staff above the state allocation to meet the unique social emotional and counseling needs of our 27,000 students.

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