About Us

Citizens for Kent Schools (CFKS) is a committee of concerned citizens and parents from Kent, Covington, Fairwood, Auburn, and Renton who support our local school funding measures by promoting the Kent School District bonds and levies.

Citizens for Kent Schools (CFKS) was formed by individual community members that works to promote passage of Kent School District bond and levy issues.

We are run entirely by community volunteers.

We know great schools make safe and thriving communities. There is a gap between what the state funds and the education Kent School District provides students and families. Levy funds make up the difference.

Capital improvement bonds fund the replacement of our aging schools and the building of new schools to address our growing student population.

It is costly for a school district to place a bond or levy issue on a ballot and those costs are paid by general funds. So it is important to get information out to voters and successfully pass bonds and levies when they are placed.

Yes for Kent Schools! is actively planning for the future.

Our community must invest in our schools in order for them to continue offering the services they currently provide.

We are a citizen organization made up of parents, community members, business owners, neighbors and others who want strong schools in the Kent School District. We work together to support passage of school construction bonds and school operations levies.

School districts are prohibited by law from using school resources to actively promote the passage of bonds and levies. Under Washington State law bonds require a supermajority (60 %) and levies a simple majority (50 %) to pass. Therefore, it is our organization’s sole purpose to actively promote and campaign for the passage of Kent School District Bonds and Levies.

How Are Contributions to CFKS Used?

Most campaign costs are related to delivering information about the ballot proposals and to increasing voter turnout. Costs include printing, postage for campaign literature, newspaper advertisements, yard signs, buttons,  magnets and voter registration drives.

School bond and levy campaigns that are successful are supported financially by community members who understand the vital role of quality public education for the overall well-being of the community. All donations and expenditures are reported to the Public Disclosure Commission in Olympia. Records are available for inspection upon request.

How Can You Help?

Be an advocate for public education within the Kent Schools community. In addition to making an important financial contribution, opportunities exist for volunteers to help with campaign strategy, fundraising, voter registration, mailings, yard signs and honk & wave. You can also share information and your support for the campaigns by talking to neighbors, homeowner associations, speak at community meetings, and sharing on your social media.

Vote to support education. Endorse every bond and levy for Kent School District.  Donate money to the campaign.  Sign up to help with the campaign when asked.  Talk to your friends and neighbors about the benefits of passing the bonds and levies, and make sure they are all registered to vote.