Vote Yes for our Future!

Vote Yes for our Students! 

Vote Yes for our Schools!

Why Vote YES?

These levies will not increase your taxes!

Each of the 295 school districts in our state depend on levies to deliver an education program tailored to the needs and expectations of their community. In the Kent School District, our voters from Covington to Fairwood, Kent to Auburn, and Renton have passed every school levy for more than 2 decades. This consistency of funding has supported the #1 most diverse School District in the state of Washington and schools that are highly sought-after by families.

These levies are replacing current levies.

The Kent School District will be collecting a similar levy amount as in years past. We expect the dollars collected from each household to go down, as commercial and residential growth means the tax amount is spread across more homes and businesses.

These levies will benefit over 27,000 students in Kent, Covington, Fairwood, Auburn and Renton.

Every single student benefits from the high quality education provided by the Kent School District. Many of the programs offered in the Kent School District are not funded by the State of Washington.

In the Kent School District, we believe our students deserve the best education we can provide including – technology integrated into every classroom supporting STEM learning every day; band, orchestra, music and art offered at every elementary school; nurses, counselors and technology support staff in every building; special education and gifted learning programs – and the list goes on.

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